Anime Review: Kuroshitsuji

I can honestly say, as of now, I have no idea what this anime is about? I’m not really into the habit of reading anime reviews, because I feel that if I have the time to read a review, then I have time to just watch the anime! (hypocrite, I know!) Well I’m in the process of downloading this anime as we speak! I glanced through the first episode after it had finished downloading to make sure it has english subs and is in good quality, and it DEFINITELY IS!!

From what I can tell, it’s about a young boy who is the master of an estate, with many servants who work for him. For some reason he is wearing an eye-patch, but it just adds to his shota-cuteness. And I believe that the main butler who takes care of him is a demon, but i’ll have to continue watching it later on to find out! It looks like an emo/gothic style anime, but also has comedic moments in it as well! I definitely want to try and show this anime at Nerdacon v4, since it is a recent japanese release, having finished airing the beginning of this year, 2009.

I’ll bring it to one of our anime meetings and let everyone check it out! ^_^

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    VampGrl said,

    Ok you got most of it right. he is a demon and the eye patch is important. the first episode is dry, but the second and so on are amazing. he killed people w/ dinner ware. i am unsure on it being gothic. maybe, idk. i love this anime with every fiber of my being. My fav charecter is Grell. you’ll find out why latter. i wont spoil, u’ve only seen the first episode. and yes the eye patch is imortant. thanks for reading this i hope u enjoy Kuroshitsuji.

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