Dragon Ball: Evolution Movie Review

dragon-ball-evolution1It is hard for me to even describe in words how horrible this movie was. At times during the movie, I felt as though I was going to cry (figuratively speaking) not because of such wonderful and emotionally moving character developments, but because of the huge distance obviously sought after from the plot of the original manga and anime series. I shit you not people: Kami and mister Popo were stricken from the story, Piccolo has about three lines in the entire movie (not counting the seemingly scary grunts and moans often associated with his character), there was ABSOLUTELY NO description given to help understand who Piccolo’s little helper was, the actor who played Yamcha was perhaps the WORST and UGLIEST actor I have ever seen in a film, and so on and so on…( if I continued I would just get more and more depressed.) Chow Yung Phat was probably the best thing the movie had going for it, and for a PG rated movie, he played his part as master Roshi rather well.

I have to know what everyone else thought about this movie?!!


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