A Really Cool AMV!!

Looking through the new Campus Nerd Forums on our website, I come to really like the site again! It has gone through a lot of changes, thanks to our VP of Operations Michael Wesley!

On the Anime/manga Committee’s personal Thread entitled Anime and Manga, one of our newest members joining us this coming Fall Semester posted an AMV he found on Youtube, and I have to say, it is exactly what this Committee is looking for as far as AMV’s go! I’ve seen it before, but I just have to give him credit for bringing it up again to our attention! Apparently his name is Brandon, and he’s 20 yrs old. That’s all the info I have so far, but that’s all I need really! Good job Brandon! Welcome to the Organization!! ^_^

Check out the AMV here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8FvskMNa18

Also, come and check out our Organizations Website and Forums: http://www.campus-nerds.com/index.php

Our committee needs a lot more AMV’s like this one for Nerdacon v4 in November! If anyone would care to post a few of their favorites for us, we would be MOST greatful!! ^_^

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