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Anime Review: Seto no Hanayome

This anime has been a Campus Nerds favorite for quite some time, and I’m sorry to say that I have only just recently watched it all the way through. It is THE FUNNIEST anime that I have ever seen, HANDS DOWN, and I feel like anyone else who has seen it would say the same thing.

Michishio Nagasumi’s life couldn’t be anymore normal. In an odd twist of events, during his summer vacation he ends up almost drowning in the sea. Luckily, the cute mermaid Seto San appears to save him.

Seto no Hanayome1

However, San is from a yakuza mermaid family and according to their law, if a human is to catch sight of a mermaid, either he or the mermaid must die.

Seto no Hanayome2

Seto no Hanayome3

The only other way is for Nagasumi to be taken in as a family member, marrying San. In attempts to save both of their lives, Nagasumi asks for San’s hand in marriage.

Seto no Hanayome4

Nagasumi’s summer vacation reaped more then what he would expect, as he must now protect San from others finding her secret out. Based on the manga by Tahiko Kimura. (

Seto no Hanayome5

Seto no Hanayome6

Seto no Hanayome7

Seto no Hanayome8

The characters in this show are fantastic! You start off with Nagasumi Michishio, who is seemingly tortured every episode by any number of the characters, because of his relationship with San Seto. She is the only daughter of the Seto family, and a very beautiful young mermaid.  No one is more against there coupling than her father, Gouzaburou Seto, who constantly tries to kill Nagasumi to get his daughter to go home.

Seto no Hanayome9

Luckily San’s mother, Ren Seto, often helps out Nagasumi by pulling the father away, often times by force.

Seto no Hanayome10

She also likes Nagasumi, but in a more motherly fashion, though there are a couple of times when she seems to get a little too close ^///^.

Seto no Hanayome11

Oh, and lets not forget Masa of the Seto family, who provides Nagasumi with his very first kiss.

Seto no Hanayome12

It is seemingly the only sorta of yaoi provided in the anime, as Nagasumi, and his mother, swoon over Masa every time they see him (it really is hilarious)!

Seto no Hanayome13

All the other characters make for a wonderful story, and often add to the wonderful hilarity.

Seto no Hanayome14

Seto no Hanayome15

Seto no Hanayome16

Seto no Hanayome17

Seto no Hanayome18

Seto no Hanayome19

Seto no Hanayome20

For me, I would have to say the animation is the best aspect of this anime. Sure, the characters are amazing, and the plot is absolutely flawless, however, the feelings and actions of each character could not be expressed any other way.

Seto no Hanayome21

The pictures on this blog post explain it all. It’s not the detail of the animation, but the different styles of it. The characters can be drawn to look normal one second, and in a surprising change be made to look like a simplistic chibi character, but the way that it is portrayed is what makes it hilarious.

One of my favorite episodes in the show is when you get to meet Runa’s father, the head of the Edomae family. This episode is pretty much a parody of the Terminator. he just shows up out of nowhere, and at first you have no idea whats going on.

Seto no Hanayome22

Seto no Hanayome23

Nagasumi tries to tell everyone that he’s seen a HUGE man in black following him, but no one listens to him, until they see him for themselves.

Seto no Hanayome24

Seto no Hanayome24

Hilarity ensues as Edomae chases Nagasumi, and later his rival Kai Mikawa through the school.

Seto no Hanayome25

Seto no Hanayome26

Seto no Hanayome27

Seto no Hanayome28

Seto no Hanayome29

Seto no Hanayome30

Seto no Hanayome31

Seto no Hanayome32

Seto no Hanayome33

Seto no Hanayome34

It is only when Runa steps in anyone finds out who he really is, though Gouzaburou and Edomae have an EPIC fight of good vs evil in the guys bathroom, and eventually in the air above the school (Dragonball Z style)!

Seto no Hanayome35

Seto no Hanayome35

The most hilarious part about this episode is when Edomae leaves, and instead of riding in a helicopter, torches himself in a furnace, declaring to everyone “I’ll be back.”

Seto no Hanayome36

Seto no Hanayome37

Seto no Hanayome37

Seto no Hanayome38

He does later come back into the series, only next time he tries to get closer to Runa by dressing up as a Sailor Scout and talking in a girlish voice (he eventually loses the girl voice, but continues to wear the Sailor Scout uniform until the end of the final episode)!

Seto no Hanayome39

I would suggest this anime to EVERYONE!! Just watch the first two episodes, and if you aren’t falling out of your seat in laughter, then please just go about your sad boring life, never paying attention to my advice ever again!

From what I have heard, their is talk of making a second season for this anime, and I hope that that is true. I know that their is an OVA out continuing the story a bit, but I haven’t seen it, or downloaded it yet! This anime WILL be shown at Nerdacon v4 in November, because it is just too funny to pass up. I hope that everyone who reads this blog looks forward to seeing it there! If you have seen it, or are watching it right now, let me know what you think! Post your comments!

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Anime Review: Kanokon

I am always on the look out for new and hilarious anime, and in coming across Kanokon, I feel as though I have found a new favorite! Only after watching the first two episodes, I have to give this anime a high rating. Kanokon Ep 1 001It has a lot that I look for in an anime title: some wonderful character development, destructive spiritual powers, beautiful young school girls, and enough sexual tension to break even the most chaste of men! ^_^Kanokon Ep 1 002

[Kanokon‘s story revolves around Kouta Oyamada, a young first-year high school student who moves from the country to the city and thus transfers to Kunpo High School. On his first day at his new school, a beautiful second-year female student named Chizuru Minamoto asks him to meet her alone in the music room. Kanokon Ep 1 006When he arrives, she reveals to him that she is in fact a fox deity and from that day on the two hang out together.Kanokon Ep 1 009

Kanokon Ep 1 010

Kanokon Ep 1 012

Kanokon Ep 1 014

Kanokon Ep 1 015

Kanokon Ep 1 016

Kanokon Ep 1 017

Nozomu is a first year female student at Kouta’s school, she is in fact a wolf deity and in love with Kouta, and a rival of Chizuru for Kouta’s affections (Source:]

The girls in this anime are what make it a top pick, in my opinion. Kanokon Ep 2 001Sure, the young boy who is constantly being tortured by these women is also cute, and if you’re into Shota-con in the least, (boy love), this anime has a lot for you, Kanokon Ep 2 002

Kanokon Ep 2 006

Kanokon Ep 2 007

Kanokon Ep 2 009

but for others, you won’t be able to resist the seductive powers of these drawn beauty’s. This anime definitely has a wide range of breast sizes to choose from, and there is even some neko (cat) girl action as well! Kanokon Ep 2 010

Kanokon Ep 2 011

Kanokon Ep 2 012

Kanokon Ep 2 013

Also, I have to say this anime is especially good because of the torture the young boy (Kouta) goes through just to keep his innocence. (But who would want to hold on to that???)Kanokon Ep 2 014 I don’t believe I have seen a little boy tortured by such sexual frustration since watching Club-to-Death Angel Dokuro-chan. (which is another favorite of mine!)

The first two episodes are packed full of hilarious moments. There is plenty of the story that will still need to be explained, but you can bet that the scenes with beautiful anime girls taking off their clothes will sustain you until it’s all explained.Kanokon Ep 2 015

Kanokon Ep 2 016

Kanokon Ep 2 017

Kanokon Ep 2 018

Kanokon Ep 2 020

I would highly suggest Kanokon to anyone who loves a good romantic comedy, and suggestive sexual themes. This is an anime I would like to nominate for review for Nerdacon v4 in November. It will have to be shown after 6pm, but I wouldn’t have it any other way ^_^! WATCH THIS ANIME!!!Kanokon Ep 2 021

Kanokon Ep 2 022

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Anime Review: Kuroshitsuji

I can honestly say, as of now, I have no idea what this anime is about? I’m not really into the habit of reading anime reviews, because I feel that if I have the time to read a review, then I have time to just watch the anime! (hypocrite, I know!) Well I’m in the process of downloading this anime as we speak! I glanced through the first episode after it had finished downloading to make sure it has english subs and is in good quality, and it DEFINITELY IS!!

From what I can tell, it’s about a young boy who is the master of an estate, with many servants who work for him. For some reason he is wearing an eye-patch, but it just adds to his shota-cuteness. And I believe that the main butler who takes care of him is a demon, but i’ll have to continue watching it later on to find out! It looks like an emo/gothic style anime, but also has comedic moments in it as well! I definitely want to try and show this anime at Nerdacon v4, since it is a recent japanese release, having finished airing the beginning of this year, 2009.

I’ll bring it to one of our anime meetings and let everyone check it out! ^_^

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Anime Review: Zipang

Zipang is an anime that I’ve been watching for the past few days now, and I am completely surprised at how good this anime is! I have to admit, during the first episode I had no idea where this anime was going? It started off slow, and was using terms that only a Japanese Navy sailor would understand. Near the end of the anime I had almost given up on it’s plot, thinking it was just gonna be another one of those anime’s that came up short for interesting plot twists. MAN WAS I WRONG!! The anime does a complete 180 it seems, and instead of talking about modernized warfare through todays technology, it takes you back 60 years in the past, to WWII.

zipang2Mirai, an improved Kongou-class Aegis guided missile destroyer, is one of the newest and most advanced ships in the entire Japanese Self-Defense Force (SDF). Her crew, also one of the newest, is lead by Capt. Umezu Saburo and Executive Officer Kadomatsu Yosuke. While running scheduled training exercises one day, Mirai encounters a fierce storm that throws their navigation systems into temporary disarray. After a few minutes of recovery, the crew is shocked to discover that they’ve been transported back in time to June 4, 1942 — The Battle of Midway, during World War II. Letting history take its course for this battle, they manage to avoid the conflict firsthand and make a vow to remain annonymous, changing history as little as possible. However, when the crew comes across the dying Lt. Commander Kusaka Takumi, XO. Kadomatsu’s instincts to save lives takes over, changing the course of history more than he could’ve imagined. (Source:

I am a bit of a history buff, so this anime has inevitably caught my attention. Though I don’t know much about the Japanese history during WWII, it doesn’t seem to matter, since everything is pretty much laid out for you in the anime.The production value is really well done, and the character development in the anime makes it extremely interesting! I haven’t quite finished it yet, as I have about another 8 episodes to see, but as of now it has not let me down as far as plot and suspense.

I would like to nominate this anime to be suggested for review for Nerdacon v4 approval. Naturally, I will bring the episodes I want to show to our meeting on tuesday and let everyone get a glimpse of it. If you have any interests in this anime, please make a comment!!

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Anime Review: Moetan

This is an anime that brings me personal enjoyment. It’s an anime that makes you believe it’s more for a younger audience, but devilishly fools you with panty shots, mild nudity, and sexual conantations.

The anime is about a girl named Ink Nijihara, who has a high school crush on a boy in her class named Nao Tezuka. (yes, the main character is in HIGH SCHOOL!!) The LOLITA complex for this anime makes it all the more interesting…for some…though there is a wide age range of women shown later throughout the show. Anyway, Nijihara comes into contact with a magician from another world named Mahou Shoujo, who was sent to Earth for more training by the king of his world, and was turned into a cute little duck (with a HUGE lolita complex!) Nijihara is used by Mahou to gain points for his training by becoming the magical girl Pastel Ink. (her transformations are my favorite part of the show!! ^_^)

For someone with a lolita fetish, this anime is perfect, though it doesn’t go too overboard with nudity…until episode 8…and tends to keep it exceptable for even American viewers. (don’t get me wrong, it’s not just for pedophiles!!) It’s a hilarious anime, in my opinion, and doesn’t become too drawn out, with only 13 episodes. If I had to rate this anime, I’d give it a 4 out of 5, because of it’s production value, character development, hot girls/women, and creative storyline. I’ll definitely want to submit this for review to show at Nerdacon v4, happening in November!

Let me know what you think by commenting!

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Dragon Ball: Evolution Movie Review

dragon-ball-evolution1It is hard for me to even describe in words how horrible this movie was. At times during the movie, I felt as though I was going to cry (figuratively speaking) not because of such wonderful and emotionally moving character developments, but because of the huge distance obviously sought after from the plot of the original manga and anime series. I shit you not people: Kami and mister Popo were stricken from the story, Piccolo has about three lines in the entire movie (not counting the seemingly scary grunts and moans often associated with his character), there was ABSOLUTELY NO description given to help understand who Piccolo’s little helper was, the actor who played Yamcha was perhaps the WORST and UGLIEST actor I have ever seen in a film, and so on and so on…( if I continued I would just get more and more depressed.) Chow Yung Phat was probably the best thing the movie had going for it, and for a PG rated movie, he played his part as master Roshi rather well.

I have to know what everyone else thought about this movie?!!

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